We know how important it is to assure safety of the patient and staff during rescue operations. Based on the experience of many years in the scope of medical equipment and the equipment of medical rescue services, we would like to offer you comprehensive servicing and maintenance of the equipment which we distribute.

We provide warranty and non warranty services, we offer the full scope of accessories and consumables. For the repairs which we do we use only original spare parts.

High qualifications of our servicing staff, developed regularly in training sessions provided by our partners, guarantee the highest possible level of services. We are convinced that permanent and professional servicing and maintenance assistance which we provide shall guarantee you absolutely comfortable use of the equipment, assure high level of safety and allow you to keep the costs of the equipment maintenance at the minimum.

We offer various forms of cooperation: single interventions for each breakdown report, current maintenance, periodic inspections, training sessions in the equipment operation, permanent servicing and maintenance contracts.

We accept applications 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, by telephone or fax at the number: 0223225516 and by electronic mail at the address



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