SKED Nosze ratownicze
SKED Nosze ratownicze
SKED Nosze ratownicze
SKED Nosze ratownicze
SKED Nosze ratownicze
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The SKED system is a unique solution securing high−angle,
ground and water transport, as well as transport in confined
spaces. The standard SKED is equipped with special straps
allowing transport by helicopter in horizontal or vertical position during evacuation from caves, shafts and other similar structures. Coiled up and elastic construction ensures storing and transporting in a form of a small rucksack. The stretchers are made of very durable plastic, which does not crack even at −80°C.

SKED Stretchers
They may be pulled on any kind of terrain, carried, suspended under a helicopter or hung on line systems. They can also be used as replacement transportation for heavy gear as machineguns, medical equipment and individual gear of each soldier. They can also be used as a water rescue system, underwater platform for explosives, in desert conditions as an utensil for water collection, as well as protection when crossing barbed wire obstacle. Wide scope of usage make the SKED system one of the most universal transport systems ever developed.

NATO Stock Number: 6530-01-5585810

SKED water system
The SKED with water system allows securing a drowning person within no more than 20 seconds even at a high wave. The system holds the patient in an almost vertical position, allowing the head of the rescued person always to stay on the surface. In case of flooding by a wave and turning face down, the SKED automatically after several seconds returns to its initial position. Side and chest floats as well as leg weight ensure buoyancy both of the injured and the rescuer. Available: version with foam floats or rapid deployment version equipped with CO2 cartridge floats.

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