UT2000 Transporter na plecy-zielony (1/2 noszy)
UT2000 Transporter na plecy-zielony (1/2 noszy)
UT2000 Transporter na plecy-zielony (1/2 noszy)
UT 2000 Transport System
opis produktu

UT 2000 is an innovative solution developed especially for military needs. UT 2000 is designed for search and rescue actions as well as special actions in various terrain and weather conditions. The main element of the system is a frame adapted for transport of various equipment on a soldier-s back. It can be: personal equipment, armament elements, petrol canisters, barbed wire, provisions, etc. The ergonomically construed pack harness allows adjusting UT 2000 to individual needs, ensuring comfortable back transport of equipment and weapons in special grips on the chest. In extreme situation there is a possibility of quick drop of the whole baggage together with the frame, even in lying position.

In case the injured person must be transported, two transport frames may be fastened together to form multifunctional light basket stretcher allowing evacuation by: traditional carrying by 2−6 persons, dragging along the ground or snow (in a form of a toboggan with a system of snow transport mounted).

The UT 2000 system in a form of stretchers may be used in
transport with application of high−altitude techniques, including helicopter transport (each frame is equipped with a half of a set of litter bridles for high−altitude transport – 2 green external carrying strips and 1 yellow central strip placed in internal pocket under the system of transport straps). After securing and fastening a system of wheels UT 2000 allows transport in a system of alpine trolley, especially useful in mountain conditions.

NATO Stock Number: 8465-41-000-4548 (model 42.000.005)
NATO Stock Number: 8465-41-000-5431 (model 45.100.000)
NATO Stock Number: 6530-41-000-4327 (model 45.100.006)
NATO Stock Number: 6545-41-000-5424 (model 42.000.030)
NATO Stock Number: 8105-41-000-5417 (model 44.001.000)
NATO Stock Number: 3920-41-000-4318 (model 45.100.013)
NATO Stock Number: 8465-41-000-5420 (model 42.000.102)
NATO Stock Number: 6530-41-000-5430 (model 44.003.000)

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