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Individual Bio-Protection Kit L-size
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Individual Bio-Protection Kit is designed to protect medical professionals, paramedics and other first responders of national and private institutions who during their work may be exposed to potentially hazardous biological material. The kit includes complete Tyvek Classic protection suit with additional protection boots, panoramic goggles providing wearing corrective glasses simultaneously, 2 pairs of Supreno nitrile gloves, antimicrobial respirator and medical waste bag. The kit is set to enable complete protection of one user against potentially hazardous pathogenic microorganisms during the user’s work.

The most important item of the kit is a unique 3M mask. Protection suit and boots provide protection against liquid and solid chemicals, particles of asbestos, dust, fiber, agrochemicals and paints. It also provides a complete protection of manufacturing processes against contamination by the operators in clean rooms, laboratories or in food manufacturing rooms.

Available in two sizes: Large and Extra Large.


• Complete antimicrobial protection of the user
• Complex solution – from protection to disposal
• Long term of use – 5 years from the date of manufacture
• Comfortable to wear and easy in use
• Lightweight and small size – allow easy storage and folding 2007
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